The Biggest Struggle is With Yourself

The Biggest Struggle is With Yourself

The biggest struggles in life are not the unforeseen occurrences, or the daunting obstacles we face when trying to meet a goal or fulfill a dream. The true struggle is internal. What degree of impact will you allow obstacles to have on you? Will you lose the wind in your sail? Will you fall apart and give up?

No doubt, the struggle can be real! Perhaps your struggle is, you were financially impacted by COVID 19—the unprecedented global pandemic, you may feel alone with no support system (yet), you may be fighting toxic relationships, dealing with unmotivated team members, or an obstacle may have hit so fast, you didn’t have a recovery plan in place. Whatever your personal situation is, know that you are not alone. All goals require staying power—true grit. There is no goal met without a certain amount of struggle, if so we’d all be smashing goals nonstop.

The hardest struggle is the fight we have with ourselves. Fighting yourself can look like negative self-talk, spiraling, catastrophizing*, panicking, or allowing fear to steal your momentum. Crisis situations may happen, plans will get ruined, you may be betrayed, or you may underestimate a project’s resources. Anything is possible when you are pressing toward a goal, especially one for the greater good. Ask yourself how bad do you want it? Is your passion strong enough? Do you have the endurance to see your plan through? I think you do!

Here are a few ways to beat the inner struggle:

1.       Learn your triggers. Triggers can knock you off your steady pace and cause you to lose heart. What core wounds do you allow yourself to react to? Do you have insecurities that manifest in ugly ways? Learn how to recognize these and diffuse them before you carelessly react. If you have a repeated pattern of responding to a situation in a certain way that is not productive, notice it. Make a plan ahead of time in your mind to be proactive in finding a solution rather than reactive.

2.       Learn your strengths. Play into your strengths! Know what they are and be prepared to sharpen these skills even more. Allow your talents to create passion in you to empower you to press through difficult situations. Talent and passion combined are a remarkable force.  

3.       Study your weaknesses. If you know your weaknesses, you can work to improve upon them, so they don’t become an obstacle for you. Knowing your weaknesses will allow you to enlist help when needed, so you don’t lose your drive. Outsource tasks that may make you feel defeated. It’s okay to get help. This is how you build a support system.

4.       Be the captain of your support team. Your internal dialogue should be self-supporting. You should encourage and upbuild yourself. Set a daily intention to show yourself self-love and self-respect. Humbly honor yourself and have full confidence that with the right mindset you can turn what feels like a defeat into a victory.

Expect obstacles but know that you are strong enough to work through them. If you become discouraged, disheartened, or feel defeat allow these emotions to pass through you without allowing them to paralyze you into inactivity. Process the disappointment and get right back on track. Each obstacle will make you stronger and build resilience—a quality every goal crusher needs.

If you apply these four tips and are still struggling with yourself, you may have an emotional block or need a perception shift. An emotion code session can help you process trapped emotions that may be impeding your progress. Get rid of the energy that isn’t serving you with a emotion code session. Visit to learn more about this. Email me at to book your appointment.

* catastrophizing: when someone assumes that the worst will happen. Often, it involves believing that you’re in a worse situation than you really are or exaggerating the difficulties you face. 

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