What is My Soul's Purpose?

What is My Soul’s Purpose?

By: Dr. Christina Melancon, ND, CDS II, CECP

This is an amazingly popular question that requires deep reflection! Let’s dive into this.

First, what is the soul? The soul is your life force. It’s your essence. Essentially, it is the real you. It’s the beautiful spirit within you that’s always wanting to surface, to emerge, to rise and express itself. It is consciousness. It is a Higher Source working through you. Your purpose is to be aligned with this Source so you can bridge all your talents, abilities, and gifts into a form of self-expression to share with the world.  The world needs you to express your light. You are beautiful and unique.

The whole quest in human evolution is to operate from a space of unconditional love and light from within yourself and radiate that out to others. Light is simply energy that has higher vibrational frequencies. These are things like love, joy, and peace. Lower vibrational frequencies are pride, anger, guilt, and shame—they simply have less light and are denser. You have the task along your journey to transmute these lower states by continually meeting them with more and more unconditional love.

The more you love yourself, the more you will come into your soul’s purpose. Self-love asks you to continually peel off the layers that are not serving you, that are not for your highest good. These layers are your stories, your attachments, your self-limiting beliefs, and your negative self-talk. All these things need to be transmuted into energies that fuel your soul rather than energies that lower you and leave you stuck. Take responsibility and commit to your healing and the unfoldment of your purpose.

How to get unstuck and living life in your purpose?

You get unstuck by deep inner self reflection. Notice all parts of your inner self without judgment. Everyone has some shadows aspects of themselves that try to hide away. These shadows eventually surface, causing you to act out negatively. These parts are like fragments of your soul. They are pieces of you that have become broken, but they yearn to be whole again. They are always vying for your attention, so you can bring them into your awareness and heal them. When you can fully integrate all parts of you, you can live in alignment with the highest expression of yourself and truly be in your purpose.

Tools like mediation, journaling, Yoga or other mindful movement exercises can help you develop more self-awareness so you can see the parts of you that want to be healed. Other healing modalities can help as a catalyst to move you along your path. I practice Emotion Code, Perception Reframing, and Somatic Experiencing to help you release trapped emotions, transgenerational traumas, and become more whole and embodied.

If you need a soul coach to help you on your journey of integrating into your fullest potential, please reach out via email at drchristina@ivyvitality.com to get started!

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