How to Get Clear on What You Want

How to Get Clear on What You Want

Dr. Christina Melancon
Naturopathic Doctor & Detoxification Specialist II

Do you feel stuck? Are you bored with the mundane activities of life? Do you want to move toward your passion, discover your purpose, and experience greater joy and fulfillment in life?

Getting clear on what you want requires you to increase self-awareness so you can discover what it is you truly want. Getting this type of clarity will take you spending intimate time with yourself. In the quiet moments where you can be still, you will begin to experience your soul essence. What does that mean? It means you will align with your Higher Self, the Self that has your best interest at heart. The Self that hosts your passions, talents, and beautiful God-like qualities.

How can you increase self-awareness and get familiar with your Higher Self?
Try these 3 things!

  1. Start journaling.
    Keep an audio journal or written journal to begin making a record of your thoughts. Often, during this time you will begin to express your goals, desires, and things that matter most to you. You will notice over time a pattern has developed, where you are writing or talking about the same thing over and over—this is what is in your heart. I always keep a written journal. I write in it a few days per week. I like to go back over a few months and reread what I have written. It’s like having a conversation with my Higher Self. It gives me clues to my dreams and aspirations. It’s a way to peer into the heart and get clear on what your needs and wants are for your life.
  2. Spend time alone in nature.
    To get to know your Higher Self, you must get quiet and listen to the whispers of your heart. Sit under a beautiful tree, let its divine beauty and presence host you as you sit and allow your mind to wonder. Notice where your thoughts go. There’s no pressure here; just notice. Be an observer. Try to do this several times during your week. Take time out for yourself. You may be a mom/dad, daughter/father etc., but you are first a Higher Soul that needs nourishing and self-love. You need to hear your true self think without distractions and noise. This is how you can get clear on what your Soul needs and wants in this life.
  3. Decide what makes you joyful.
    Start paying attention to what lights you up. What are you passionate about? What are your natural talents, skills, and abilities? Tune into your joy. Take note of what feels effortless, in the flow, and magical for you. Explore your talents. Do more of what you are good at and what comes naturally for you, because it is likely your gift to the world. Don’t be afraid to step into your gift and share it with others. When we play into our gifts, we live in our greatest joy. Playing into your gifts is how you will show up as your most authentic self in this life.

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