True Transformation Requires Vulnerability

True Transformation Requires Vulnerability

Dr. Christina Melancon, ND, CPT, CECP, CFTS, CDS II

Are you happy with your health right now? I’m talking about your mind, body, and spirit health, the core of you, your essence. Are you physically fit and functioning at your best? Are you confident in your mental function, your memory, your ease of mind, and your ability to make decisions? What about your heart and soul, your seeds of motivation, are you feeling in the flow with life, or are you trekking along with stagnant energy? These are a few questions you can think about. Take the time to mediate and observe yourself, perhaps journal about this. Look deep within, get vulnerable and radically honest with your inner self. What is it that you need now? What does positive change look like for you? Who do you want to become?

How Transformation Happens

Transformation is letting go of the old and bringing in a higher version of you. The process first starts in the mind. Imagine and think about the person you want to become. That person is already right there inside of you. Peeling off old layers that don’t serve you is a way to start unveiling your truest, healthiest self. It’s like mining for buried treasure. The treasure is there, you just have to reveal it. You must be aware of thought patterns and unhealthy coping behaviors that aren’t serving your highest self. You deserve to eat nutritionally rich food that nourishes your physical body and elevates your emotional vibrational energy. You deserve to move your body to encourage fluid blood flow and ease circulation to vital organs. You deserve to feel alive and well. You deserve to use your time in a way that nourishes your soul. How can you prioritize your time so that you are doing these things to live in alignment you’re your higher Self? What changes do you need to happen? Do you need to get up and get moving thirty minutes earlier each morning? Do you need to learn to say no to energy vampires and “friends” that are not adding to your soul’s evolution? Do you need to shop and plan your meals and grocery list with more intention?

Transformation happens by making your mind over. Bring that honesty in. Get really vulnerable with yourself. How have you not shown up for yourself? Write out your transformation plan. Envision and feel the energy of your higher Self. Solidify your intentions for your transformative process and take the steps to unveil the new you.

This is a journey! Change is never easy. It can be disruptive and sometimes chaotic, and let’s not forget painful at times. Things get shaken up as the old gunk rips away from your life. Sit with the process, hold onto your truth! As you become more and more aware, you will feel more empowered from within and you will begin to glow as you see yourself transforming. Get excited. Joy, peace, and alignment await you.
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