4 Ways to Develop Healthy Self-Esteem.

4 Ways to Develop Healthy Self-Esteem.

Self-esteem is the way you view yourself as a person. It encompasses your beliefs about your worth and it determines how you treat yourself.  If you suffer from low self-esteem here are some ways to start transforming your view of yourself.


1.       Develop self-awareness.
Pay close attention to your inner self-talk. Do you talk to yourself like the proverbial “mean girl” from high school? If so, it is time to change that. When a negative thought comes up, flip the script. If you cannot support yourself with loving and kind words, others may respond accordingly. Self-love is the cornerstone to building a good life for yourself. It’s how you create your reality. Your thoughts are seeds of manifestation. If you don’t want to manifest negative things in your life, change your dialogue into what you do want for yourself.

2.       Accept your weaknesses without criticism.
Everyone on this earth has weaknesses and strengths. Do not allow your weaknesses to cause you to shame yourself. Accept your weaknesses with a kind spirit. Take steps to see how you can improve the areas you need to strengthen. Focus on your strengths and lovingly develop your weak areas. We all have them.

3.       Focus on the inner person first.
Have you ever heard the term, “she is pretty, but her attitude makes her ugly?” The most important work you can do is inner self work. The internal spirit is where beauty lies. Cultivate that first, then you can focus on the external person. Americans put a lot of emphasis on external beauty, and social media culture certainly encourages this trend. Men and women’s body parts are put on display, and many alter their bodies to fit what’s trending at the moment. Often these trends are extreme. This can lead to a warped self-image, especially for younger men and women, who are more impressionable.

4.       Lovingly care for your body.
Your body is a magnificent gift. Your lungs inhale and exhale automatically and your heart beats rhythmically every day. Your body is a well-designed machine that requires loving care far beyond aesthetics. When you care for your body, it makes you feel good about yourself. When you give into cravings and indulge in food or habits that are not upbuilding, you may find you feel depressed after. You may beat yourself up with negative thoughts about the choices you made. This cycle of behavior can really be self-defeating. Again, awareness can help tremendously. Be aware of why you are eating? Are you eating because it helps you cope emotionally? If so, you can get caught up in that habit or cycle, and it can become hard to break. Can you make a schedule that allows time for exercise? The more you care for your body, the better you will feel about yourself. Exercise changes your mental game too. Positive endorphins are released during exercise that can contribute to a good mood. Exercise has been shown to increase your confidence and self-esteem.

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