Is Fear Preventing Your Weight Loss? It's Time to Lose the Safety Net!

Is Fear Preventing Your Weight Loss? It’s Time to Lose the Safety Net!

Is fear holding you back from meeting your goals? Is fear preventing you from experiencing the life you want? Is fear keeping you from being fit?

Fear is at the root of suffering, pain, and complacency. Fear is suppressive and prevents expansion. The good news is the power to overcome fear lies in you. This is an article for self-examination. Do you want to expand and grow or stay small and suppressed?

Fear is simply a program that you can choose to stop playing at any time. When you become uncomfortable, you probably have noticed defaulting to fear is both automatic and easy to do. It excuses you from facing the unknown. Truth be told, the unknown can be scary. In fact, the unknown is so scary that regressing into the past, even it the past is painful, is easier than imagining and creating a new, brighter future. That sounds crazy. Doesn’t it? But it’s how humans are programmed. The past is comfortable because you have been there before. You replay the programs of your past automatically like installed software in a computer. The past brings enough false comfort to prevent you from facing your fears and adopting courage to face the unknown. Until you step into the unknown, you cannot grow as a person.  Fear holds so many people back from reaching their true potential. Fear is a learned behavior. It is a safety net. Fear can be a retreat for your mind when stepping into courage seems too difficult and uncomfortable. However, growth cannot happen unless discomfort is part of your journey.

Lose the Safety Net and Step into Courage

Courage is the opposite of fear. Courage is a decision and fear is simply a reaction. Fear takes no effort. Courage takes an enormous amount of effort and heart energy. Courage means overcoming your own mind! It means shutting off automatic programs that want you to stay in your comfort zone.

I truly feel that many people cannot reach their physique goals because they fear a new body. The old body is comfortable. They know what to expect from it. Stepping into a new fit body, although they “want” to, is a scary thought to your program. How long will you let that unhealthy body control you? You deserve to be in a fitter, stronger, healthier body! You want it, don’t’ you? Don’t let your own mind hold you back. Play a new program. Imagine your new body, your future self. What will you look like? How will you feel? What new clothes will your new body wear? Imagine it. Let the new you become real in your mind.

When you start working toward this new you, you will not only have to overcome your own mind and its program, you will also have to overcome those who support the old you. You think that people will be completely supportive of your new health and fitness goals, but not everyone will. Expect resistance. Just like your own mind is fearful and comfortable with the old you, so are people who are close to you. Changing for the better requires positive energy. It requires you to start vibrating at a higher level. If you are consistently with people who vibrate in your old comfort zone, they will experience fear too. They like the old you. They are comfortable with the old you. They know what to expect. When you begin to make changes, expect that not everyone will be supportive. It’s up to you to press forward with courage or retreat to the old you. Which will it be? Are you ready to step into courage and create a new you?

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