About Ivy Vitality

About Ivy Vitality

Ivy Vitality is a holistic wellness center located in South Louisiana. It was founded February 2018 by me, Christina Melançon. I began school, studying naturopathy, in December 2016. It has been a life-lesson-filled journey combined with the thorough study of at least 50 plus books on topics of herbs, energy medicine, nutrition, quantum physics, fitness/movement, and emotional trauma. During the duration of my studies, I kept contemplating what my specialization as a naturopathic doctor would be. My options were cancer, diabetes, autoimmune, etc.. the possibilities were endless. However, as is often the case, we can’t completely direct how things happen for us. We can be in the flow and allow them to take place as they should. I knew my specialization would present itself, and it did.

I named my company after my father, Ivy. He passed away exactly one year to the date of me legally forming Ivy Vitality, LLC. Shortly after he passed away, I went through a devastating divorce. My ex-husband immediately changed the locks on our home and said I was not allowed to touch anything in his house.  Just like that, I was homeless. My daughter and I left with each a bag of clothes and had to completely rebuild our life.  Getting back to my dad, he had an incredibly positive, loving spirit. He was a strong man physically and mentally. He lived life to the fullest until age 97. I thought the name Ivy was perfect. I thought IVY could be an appropriate acronym for what my father embodied “inspiring vitality and youthfulness.” However, as I advanced in my studies and became a student of trauma (via real life experiences), the real mission of Ivy Vitality shifted. I had to take a pause from my studies for almost a year. I was homeless, divorced, and grieving my father. I was diagnosed with PTSD and when I studied, I couldn’t remember or comprehend what I read. I was in fight or flight, still trying to rebuild my life and finding stability. I kept personal training clients through my recovery process. I always showed up for those who depended on me. Unbeknownst to them, my clients helped me press on. I just kept putting one foot in front of the other. Because I was suffering, I could really have even greater empathy for other who were too. I wanted to build something to help people through their suffering. Whether they are suffering through a busy, chaotic, unbalanced life or are recovering from hard-core trauma.

The more clients I saw, the more I came to understand how much emotions can influence health. In fact, I shifted my studies, so I could dig deep into this subject. I learned that 80% of all physical illnesses have a deep emotional component. Your body keeps the score! I began to experience this firsthand. I had upper back pain and thoracic scoliosis for 20 years. When I learned and applied emotional release techniques, I noticed my back pain immediately went away. Also, I recently had x-rays of my back and I no longer have scoliosis. I held trauma in my back for 20 years. I’ve had several clients have similar success stories once they got rid of trapped emotions. I am amazed at how tools I use, like Emotion Code and Evox, Perception Reframing seem so simple, yet they help people create massive life shifts, allowing them to release long-held traumas. When you hold trauma in your body via energy (emotions are energy), your cells can become weak. Over time, weakened cells cause cellular breakdown—disease. Trapped emotions can also prevent you from moving forward in life in various ways. They can cause self-sabotage and a number of other restraints in life.

Quantum physics teaches we are energy, the earth is energy, animals are energy, food is energy…everything is energy. If you are around someone with a low vibrating energy, if can adversely affect you. If your own thoughts are low vibrating in nature, they will have a negative impact on you. We become creators of our reality through our thoughts and the totality of our energetic level. Ivy Vitality’s mission is to help people understand the power is within you to create health and happiness. You can create your reality. The first step is self-awareness. Knowledge is power. If you understand your programming, you can reprogram it. Being aware of truths about yourself can be powerful motivation to grow and transform your mind, body, and spirit to a higher vibrational state. This is how you create true mind-body health. Whether you are masking emotions, using food as therapy, or life has just gotten away with you, we can help!

Ivy Vitality offers holistic wellness assessments to help you get set up on a wellness program that engages you in self-discovery. The tools we use are PEMF therapy, infrared therapy, herbal botanicals, super foods, nutritional counseling, mind-body exercise, Emotion Code, Evox Perception Reframing, essential oils, etc.

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