I AM… (Part Two)

I AM… (Part Two)

How to Create Affirmations-

Affirmations- stated or written- are positive, first person statements that are expressed with confidence and have an emotional force behind them. These statements should be spoken aloud throughout each day. Perhaps you can verbalize them before breakfast, lunch, and dinner. You can also write them down if you prefer. Some examples of affirmations are: I am healthy, I am happy, I am financially successful, I am a kind and loving person. These statements should be expressed as though you have already achieved them. This allows you to consciously affect your subconscious mind. This creates positive energy and allows you to focus on good things happening in your life. We already know that like attracts like, therefore positive energy will attract more positive energy to you. The opposite is true too. Negative energy will only increase or attract more negative energy.

Even if we are trying our best to be positive, we may still struggle under the surface with negative thoughts and emotions. That’s ok. The best solution for this is being honest about how you feel and then addressing it. Affirmations are not meant to help you deceive yourself. They are meant to help you evolve and create real change. They are created and stated to help you shift your mind. Thus may take some time, but is it worth the effort. In the book, Wise Mind, Open Mind, author Ronald Alexander Ph. D, expresses how powerful the mind is. He points out that some negative self-beliefs are so deeply rooted they may even trump positive affirmations. He suggests doing an honest self-examination to evaluate your thought patterns. Go as far as making a lost of recurring feeling that contribute to what you deem your negative qualities. Get down to the nitty gritty with yourself. Include self-criticisms or flaws you have believed about yourself, or what others have expressed about you. This may help you find a common theme in your self-talk. It may be that you feel worthless. If that is the case, your affirmation could state, “I am worthy!” You can begin the mind shift by acknowledging your self-talk and deciding to change it by believing that you can indeed create change. After all, we must first address and accept what is, and then work towards creating positive change.

Remember, the two tiny words “I am” can have a life changing effect for you. Use them to your advantage by allowing them to be a force for good in your life- a force for self transformation. 

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