Do You Have Suppressed Anger?

Do You Have Suppressed Anger?

Emotions are vibrational energy. They operate at various frequencies depending on the emotion.

Gratitude and love are among the highest frequencies. In these states, you feel free, balanced,

and expansive. In states of anger, shame, fear, and guilt, you feel contracted. These emotions are

low vibrational energetic states. How does anger show up for you and how can you channel this

hyper-emotion to your benefit?

For many, anger is often suppressed. It will show its face when you seem calm then suddenly

explode on a loved one. It will show up when your impatience builds while you are in

traffic—road rage. Anger has many faces and when you don’t know how to process it in a

healthy manner, it can cause underlying health issues like liver imbalances, high blood pressure,

anxiety, and inflammation in the body. Finding a healthy outlet can help you move through anger

so you can climb the energetic scale to a higher state of being.

The first thing to do, is notice if you have suppressed anger in your body. How do you feel when

you are in traffic? Are you easily agitated? Do you have tense shoulder muscles and clinched

fists? Is it hard to relax? Do you feel keyed up and fear losing control? Tune into your body and

pay attention to your thoughts. Anger, while lower on the emotions scale than love, it is higher

than shame and guilt. This means there is more of a hyper emotion. It has enough energy to be a

catalyst for change. If channeled correctly, and not suppressed, anger can be productive.

Anger is often the result of suppressed grief. It is one of the stages you go through when you are

grieving a loss. It is something you have to work through. Show yourself grace, knowing when

you are grieving, you will likely experience anger. Find healthy ways to work through it.

Exercise can be helpful to move the energy through your body. Exercise releases feel good

chemicals and raises your energetic vibration to a more productive state. However, caution is

needed. Anger is an arousal emotion. This means it can be easily fueled instead of diffused.

Many use exercise as a way to mask anger. They want to appear tough and impenetrable, so they

engage in exercise to make them appear physically stronger. But these types of exercise can be

counterproductive if it insights you to have more anger or if it actually abuses your body by

putting undue pressure on your spine and joints. In other words, exercise may be abused so it

feeds your pain body (your mind-body state). Show yourself some grace, choose an exercise

program that calms your mind and builds your body in a healthy way. Other ways to channel

anger can be writing it out, talking to a trusted friend or therapist, doing emotional release

techniques like deep breathing, Emotion Code, Perception Reframing, or Trauma Release

Exercise (TRE). In fact, talking it out may be the most productive way to diffuse anger.

Identifying the root cause of the anger can help you move through the emotion from the ground

up. Releasing it in a healthy way will free you to move up the emotion scale to more productive,

loving states.

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