Do You Have a Leaky (Heart) Wound?

Do You Have a Leaky (Heart) Wound?

By Dr Christina Melancon, ND, CPT, CDS II, CECP

Life will inevitably call forth pain, suffering, and wounds of the heart.  Experiencing emotion is part of being human. How we tend to our emotional wounding is a major part of managing our life experience.

Leaky wounds are those wounds that we have not attended to. Like a deep cut with no band-aid, a leaky emotional wound will ooze out and leave evidence. The problem with a leaky emotional wound, unlike a physical wound, it can disrupt other’s peace and create disharmony in your environment. Unattended emotional wounds can fester, increasing their severity, making it more arduous to heal.

A Leaky Heart Wound

Wounds of the heart can carry heavy emotions like rejection, betrayal, and abandonment. These create triggers and put a person on high alert where they become skeptical, mistrustful, angry, confused, etc. Carrying a wound for too long can wreak havoc on brain health, impacting the function of the nervous system, putting you in fight-or-flight (survival mode). This state is highly unstainable and breaks the mind and body down. Take stock of how you feel. Are you always anxious? Are you on edge? Do you shout at others? Are you jealous? Do you expect everyone to tip toe around your emotional state? When a person leaks their emotions onto others, it can lead to a very toxic, intolerable, high-stress environment. No one should have to feel they are walking on eggshells, trying not to offset another person. Peace and harmony should prevail.

Your hurt is real. Don’t allow abuse to cause you any further harm. Look within and take steps to heal your personal wounding. The wounds may be deep, and it may require lots of work, time, and effort. But, each layer you peel off allows more heart energy to flow out. Keep doing the work. Do it for yourself and those who love you. You deserve to fully feel the energy of love.

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Let your wounds heal and let your heart be whole.



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