Is Fear Gripping Your Daily Life?

Is Fear Gripping Your Daily Life?

Fear is a common emotion we have probably all felt before. It can be very real, daunting, and rob us of peace and joy. However, fear is simply an emotion. Emotions are accompanied by a myriad of thoughts that cycle through the mind daily. Emotions have energy behind them. That energy can deeply impact you in a negative way. The energy or vibration of fear has a very low frequency which can bring down your overall emotional state. It can even block you from higher emotional states like love. Love vibrates at a very high frequency. It is associated with other higher emotional states like joy, peace, and happiness. Fear on the other hand is associated with lower states like grief and apathy. What many are not aware of is our thinking plays a large role in the emotional state we experience and operate from. If you continually feed your mind with news reports of crime, violence, and the global pandemic now facing mankind, you will fuel negative emotions and cultivate thoughts associated with those negative events. Like increases like. Fear will only breathe more fear. When you are in a state of fear you then begin to project your fear onto others, having a domino affect on thousands. You may have heard enthusiasm is contagious, well so is fear. Really any emotion you express and vibrate from can be emitted out to others. If the population is collectively operated in a state of fear, it will only fuel the growth of more fear. Fear can abolish hope and faith and eventually lead to low states like despair.

True, we cannot hide our heads in the sand, but we can manage our personal emotional state, so that it serves us rather than hinders us. Fear can grow when we feel we don’t have control over a situation. There are many situations in life we cannot control. What we can control is our reaction to situations. We can control our mind and our emotional state. Knowing this should empower us! If you wish to release fear and allow love and peace into your life, develop practices that will help you attain those states. Prayer, meditation, walking in nature, listening to high frequency music like classical music, moving your body through exercise, and eating high vibrational foods are all ways you can increase your vibration and thereby your emotional state. Be mindful of the energy being emitted from your environment. Do an environment check? Do your close associates emit negative energy? Do you watch too much negative news reports? Do you eat low vibrational junk food? Examine yourself and see where you are vibrating at. Begin making an energetic shift by first becoming aware of your daily habits. Focus on your thoughts. Are they predominantly negative or positive? Eat high vibrational living foods like fruits and vegetables. Be mindful of what you feed your mind and body every day. Shift out of fear and into love.

“As a child
I was told and believed
that there was a treasure
buried beneath every rainbow.

I believed it so much that
I have been unsuccessfully
chasing rainbows
most of my life.

I wonder why
no one ever told me
that the rainbow
and the treasure
were both
within me.”

― Gerald G. Jampolsky

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