Support Yourself Naturally

Clear Your Sinuses with our Steam Sauna

Steam sauna sessions are prepared using certain herbal remedies to infuse into the sauna ease symptoms associated with conditions like the common cold, sinus infection, respiratory inflammation and more.
Session $35

Ease Pain and Inflammation with Castor Oil packs

Castor oil packs are used as a therapeutic modality to help ease pain and inflammation in various parts of the body (example: bladder, kidney, stomach, knee/joint). They help reduce pain and inflammation while ridding the body of toxins. Castor oil has a positive impact on liver function.
Session $35

Build Immunity and Support Your Nervous System Health with Raindrop Technique

Raindrop Technique creates balance and harmony in the body energetically by combining specific anti-viral and calming essential oils along the back using a gentle hands-on and distinctive energy approach. It has been shown to help the body detox physically and provide calm to the nervous system.

Detox from the Bottom Up with Our Ionic Foot Bath

A relaxing herbal foot soak in a copper basin, detoxifies your system through moxibustion.

Raise Your Vibration with Our Vibration Plate

Dr. Fuji Body Slimmer Full Body Vibration Plate. Moves the lymphatic system while burning effort- free calories for a cleansing, passive exercise workout.

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