Do you need help meeting your health & fitness goals? Dr. Christina combines her 22-year fitness knowledge with a natural medicine approach to overall health and wellness to help you get Wholly Fit!

This program helps you get to the root of your health issues using a holistic approach to health and fitness. No self-sabotage allowed on this lifestyle program. You will successfully lose toxic weight while restoring proper organ function and creating a positive mindset!

The Ivy Fit Program consists of 3 core foundations:

1. Eat Whole Foods to heal your gut and restore overall health. A urinalysis will check 10 biomarkers so she can customize your program. The goal is to balance blood sugar, improve cardiovascular health, and improve organs of elimination. SHAPE drops will help you cut cravings and halt emotional eating.

2. Move Freely with embodied functional personal training to strengthen and balance the muscular system. Learning how to move and how to workout efficiently is a core part of this program. We will balance your muscular system by addressing any weaknesses you may have. You will learn how to tune into your body and your breath throughout your workout for amazing mind-body harmonizing.

3. Make Your Mind Work for You Develop a positive mindset through conscious self-awareness. You will learn how to pay attention to your thoughts and emotional states so you can create wonderful experiences for yourself.

Program Details: 10 appointments total 

Meet with Dr. Christina for your initial consultation. You will receive a Zyto Galvanic Scan to assess areas that need support (this includes organs, organ systems, glands, hormones, and identifying lifestyle stressors affecting your health. You will receive a customized eating program to reduce inflammation, lose toxic weight, balance blood sugar, improve cardio health, and liver function. You will also receive a supplementation protocol to support your individual health needs. This is a 90-minute session. You will receive a Telehealth follow up call to help you understand the results obtained on the first visit.

8 one-on-one personal training sessions (functional training 45-minutes)

4 nutrition coaching sessions (weigh in/measurements and urinalysis- 15 minutes)

1 affirmation scan (to help you reframe your thoughts) and either an Evox Perception Reframe or Emotion Code to help prevent self-sabotage and address any self-limiting beliefs preventing you from meeting your goals.

Program is 2 payments of $399 (includes SHAPE Drops and Nutrition program booklet FREE)

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