Holistic Fitness

Finally, Fitness Figured Out!

Get a customized fitness routine to help you meet your physical fitness goals.

This routine will help you connect your mind and body to achieve more than you expect from a fitness routine. Weekly personal training is also available.

I have been around the fitness industry for over twenty years. In that time, I have trained body builders, athletes, post-injury, post-surgical clients, and special needs clients. I have worked with adults, teens, and kids from beginner to intermediate fitness levels. I also worked for a physical therapy company and represented a ergonomics and work safety company for seventeen years. I created and/or co-created three fitness and health magazines with a combine publishing time of thirteen years. I have delved into nearly all forms of fitness training and have come to appreciate the human body to a great degree.

With all this experience and working with so many different circumstances and fitness levels, I have come to develop my own philosophy for training that is based on holistic principles.

During my holistic studies to become a Naturopathic Doctor, I have come to appreciate how important it is for the mind and body to work synergistically in all aspects of daily life. Many approach exercise motivated by an aesthetic goal only. However, I am here to teach you that exercise is far more than transforming your physical appearance. In fact, so many changes happen internally, way before the mirror shows the results.

Holistic Fitness is based on three key principles:

  1. Build a solid foundation. You are only as strong or as fit as your weakest link. An experienced and mindful personal trainer can help spot your weakest links almost immediately. These areas must be strengthened and developed before you can truly progress.
  2. Cultivate the mind-body connection. You must put your mind into your movement (muscle) to make the mind-body connection needed to experience true synergistic fitness. This requires breathing in rhythm with your movement and mindfully mastering your body as it moves through space. Whether you are boxing, running, lifting weights, or doing Pilates, breathing is extremely important to create synergy.
  3. Transform your mind and your body will follow. You must honor your body and believe it can achieve whatever you train it to do. It can transform to the level you believe it can. You must then put in the consistent work to attain the results.
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